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    Acquisition of Ukrainian Citizenship

    Acquiring Ukrainian Citizenship by Admission.Acquiring Ukrainian Citizenship by geographic place of origin.

Basis for receiving the service

● Acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by birth;● Acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by territorial origin;● Acceptance of Ukrainian citizenship through a Presidential Decree (marriage with a citizen of Ukraine for more than two years, residence on the territory of Ukraine for more than five years);● Restoration of Ukrainian citizenship;● Acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by children through adoption;● Acquisition of citizenship due to the establishment of custody or guardianship over a child, placement of a child in a child care or health care institution, in a family-type orphanage or foster family, or placement in a foster family;● Acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by a person recognized by a court as legally incompetent as a result of the establishment of the guardianship of a citizen of Ukraine;● Acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship by a child due to his or her staying in Ukrainian citizenship; Certificate of registration of parents or one of them;● Acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship due to recognition of paternity or maternity or establishment of the fact of paternity or maternity.On the basis of the Law of Ukraine "About citizenship of Ukraine" 18.01.2001 № 2235-ІІІ

Registration and issuance of a certificate of registration of a person as a citizen of Ukraine

A certificate of registration of a person of a citizen of Ukraine is issued after consideration of the submitted documents as competent and recognition of the applicant as a citizen of Ukraine. After receiving this document, the applicant is given 2 years to withdraw from the citizenship of the country, since a single origin of citizenship is recognized in Ukraine. On the basis of the issued certificate, a person has the right to issue a temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine.

Registration of a temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine

A temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine is issued within 7 days and is valid for 2 years. The document is valid only within the territory of Ukraine, it is also not a full-fledged passport and does not give the right to issue a foreign passport. The receipt of this document obliges the applicant to register his residence within 30 days.

When it is necessary to apply for a service

To submit documents to the competent authority for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, a foreigner must be on the territory of Ukraine, without exceeding the deadline, in some cases, a foreigner must be documented with a permanent residence permit and be registered at the place of residence.

List of documents for obtaining the Citizenship of Ukraine

● Passport;
● Documents of title to housing in the absence of registration of place of residence;
● Notarized consent of the homeowner for registration (in the absence of registration);
● Documents confirming the existence of grounds for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship;
● and others.

How to claim and receive the service


Visit the "Migration Service Center"

Contact the "Migration Service Center" for consultation, at which we will determine the legal status of a foreigner, possible options for issuing a document.


Getting the analysis

Our experts will analyze the client's available documents. The procedure for obtaining a document will be developed.


Signing a contract

Signing a contract for the provision of services, pay in accordance with the contract.


Receipt of document


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