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Obtaining a permit for immigration to Ukraine

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    Obtaining a permit for immigration to Ukraine.

    Permanent residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners.

An immigration permit to Ukraine is 

This is a document issued by a competent authority, which gives the right to obtain a permanent residence permit, within 1 year from the date of issue of such a permit. After receiving a residence permit, a person has the right to reside in Ukraine for an unlimited amount of time.

Grounds for obtaining a permit for immigration to Ukraine

Within the immigration quota:
The immigration rate is established by the CMU in the order determined by it according to the categories of immigrants:
● workers of science and culture, whose immigration responds to the interests of Ukraine;● highly qualified professionals and workers, the piercing need for which seems to be significant for the Ukrainian economy;● order, made a foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine in foreign convertible currency in the amount of at least $ 100,000;● persons who are a full brother, sister, grandfather, woman, grandson, granddaughter of Ukrainian citizens;● persons who were previously in the citizenship of Ukraine;● parents, spouse (spouse) of a person documented with a permanent residence permit in Ukraine and his minor children.
Out of immigration quota:
● to one of the spouses, when the other spouse, with whom he has been married (married) for more than two years, is a citizen of Ukraine, children and parents of citizens of Ukraine;● persons who appear to be parents or guardians of Ukrainian citizens, or who are under the guardianship or guardianship of Ukrainian citizens;● persons who have an advantage in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship by territorial origin;● persons whose immigration is of particular value for the state of Ukraine;● foreign Ukrainians and their close family members.

How to claim and receive the service


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Signing a contract

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Receipt of document


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